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The Artist in You!

14 Oct The Artist in You!

Sometimes in life it is the planning that makes everything happen so smoothly…But other times it’s those moments, the unexpected, the synchronicity’s… You know those times when the doors open and you walk through effortlessly and you meet people and things happen and they change your life forever….

I feel fortunate to say that I’ve had several of those occasions happen in my life… One that stands out the most was when my mom gave me a book called Jonathan Livingston Siegel…. It set a fire off in my heart, I knew that I could do anything if I could envision it… Within a short period of time I was given the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill…. I was 18, living on the wrong side of the tracks having had lived on the other side of the tracks before and so desperately wanted to be successful in my life… I did not believe at that time that I could be successful with my artwork so I went into business school… It was practical and it was actually the best move I could’ve ever made…. Through different synchronicity’s I met the most amazing people that help me build my career and help me learn how to live my best life….

The best suggestion that my mentors gave me was to write down my goals and gratefully I wrote down I was going to paint one painting. Every year I rewrote the goal that I was going to paint one painting, it took me nine years to finally have the courage to paint that one painting. It was 1999 and I thought the millennium is coming, this is the time, it is now or never. Once I made that decision within a few days an art teacher presented herself to me and I knew immediately this was the person who was going to walk me through the process of painting my first painting.

I am grateful to say that today that same art teacher is an amazing friend of mine and she continues to inspire and lead me in my artwork!

That saying when the student is ready the teacher appears is so true for me. Making a decision. Making a decision has such powerful seeds of strength and determination in it.

My grandmother and auntie both painted and today I am so grateful I am an artist too….I have let go of my limited belief of a teenager that I could not be a successful artist….today I know that my paintings inspire people….many people have told me they feel happy gazing at my art work….that is all I need to know….that inspires me to continue with this work I love so much! I am grateful the road I travelled to get to this point in my life…for all the amazing people I met in my business career have supported me in my art career…

I think there is an artist in all of us that is dying to get out…to express themselves…before I painted, I created beautiful dinner parties with tables settings that would make Martha Stewart proud! I created flower arrangements that made my home feel alive and happy….I created golf tournaments for fundraisers, I created brochures for financings, I created, I created….we all create and express ourselves in creative ways that maybe we do not give ourselves credit for….allow yourself to see how creative you are…

I give you creative license today to call yourself an Artist too!

  • Sandi Lee
    Posted at 16:35h, 14 October Reply

    You are so right. We all creating all the time. And as adults we bring so many more skills to the easel than we might imagine.

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