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Marie Forleo introduced me to Taryn Brumfitt’s Kickstarter campaign, which was funding a movie about embracing your body and loving yourself.  This documentary would show how most women feel the opposite around the western world.

My distorted body image issues started when I was young, right around the time my Dad left our home for good. Growing really quickly at nine years old, I felt uncoordinated as my arms and legs were so long they just dangled awkwardly.  I was pencil slim and flat as a board for my teenage years.  My Dad used to call my breasts two raisins on a surf board!  I am sure he did not know how much he was adding fuel to the mental obsession fire, I had the distorted feeling my body was betraying me.  I remember a boyfriend saying my bum was big and I believed him…I was 14 and weighed about 115 pounds at 5’8″ tall!  There was nothing big about me! Just tall and lean with big brown eyes and long blonde hair.  I wish I could talk to my 14-year-old self today and say “embrace yourself with confidence and love you are beautiful!”.

When I was 18 years old, my body started to change again, and what seemed like overnight, I had gained 10 pounds and I felt shocked that none of my clothes felt comfortable.  This began a 30-year dieting seesaw and eating my beloved sugary treats.  It was like I could only hold my breath and exercise for so long before I would have to go and binge on treats and sabotage all my progress. It was so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it.

Getting attention for being fit and beautiful was something I enjoyed but clearly the craving to consume sugary treats was equally important to me –  hence the struggle for the past 30 years!  I have tried most every kind of diet on the market.  Dieting is exhausting.  Time, I am sure I could have spent doing something far more important and productive!

Shame is at the core of my body image issues.  I didn’t feel good enough from the beginning, and today I am praying daily to a God that I am trying to understand – who I think loves me unconditionally – to help me love my body just as it is and help me end this struggle.


After watching the Embrace Kickstarter funding trailer video, I thought, YES!  I am NOT alone with this feeling!  I looked through the perks on the funding campaign and found that if I donated $1,000, I would be able to have a call with Taryn and invite friends to speak with her.  Something inside me said that is a great idea, you could help yourself and your friends at the same time!  So, I donated the funds and have been waiting for the movie to come out and the call to be organized.

Embrace, the documentary, is available on iTunes now and our call with Taryn is this Thursday March 30th at 6 pm Pacific Time on a Zoom Video Call.  Please email me now if you would like to be on the call at

I think having this conversation will put a new language around an old issue. Change can only occur if we start talking in a new way to solve an old problem.  A friend asked me what is my end game with offering this opportunity of this call. I thought wow, I don’t have any other motive but just to try and help people!  There is no book to buy or webinar to enroll in or workshop to attend with this call. It’s just a free call to support you in loving your body more and embracing where you are at with yourself today.

I really look forward to seeing you on the call and continuing this journey together!  You need to rsvp for the call so email me at!




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