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The Heart Explored

Cheryl-Wheeler-Art-Leaflet-Cover Art

20 Mar The Heart Explored

The February cover of the Vallarta Botanical Gardens leaflet magazine in Puerto Vallarta displayed My Heart Flower painting. This painting reminds me of a book I read called the Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman. You may not know this, but you actually have a language of love that inspires you. When your partner or close friends speak that language to you, it’s that language that that makes you feel more understood and connects to your heart.


Which of these five languages speaks to you more?

  1. When your partner says they appreciate how beautifully you keep your home, do these words of appreciation and affirmation of love swell your heart muscle the most?
  1. When your car breaks down and your partner rushes in to get it fixed, this language is an act of service. Do you feel loved when someone performs acts of service for your benefit?
  1. When someone takes the time to go out and find the perfect something they know you would love, gift wrap it all pretty, and present it to you, this is the first language of love. Does receiving gifts make you feel loved?
  1. Spending time together, enjoying each other’s company, just being together, not doing anything particularly special. Is quality time together your language of love?
  1. Physical touch is your language of love when you prefer to cuddle or just have your arm touching your favourite person in your life.  Do you love physical touch?

HeartHand CW Art

So I’ve been wondering when do these languages get developed and who influences them.  When I was a child I loved receiving gifts from my Dad.  He worked a lot and how he made up for it was by bringing me home fabulous gifts that filled my heart’s desires.  It made me feel loved that he took his time to go and find that special gift I was coveting.  Today, I still get excited when my husband gives me a gift on a special occasion. Even though I don’t like to be attached to material things, and I would prefer to say I like quality time together or acts of service, that seems to be secondary to the glee I feel when I receive a gift that I wanted to receive.  Maybe it’s the fact that my husband was actually listening to me and he acted on it that I love so much? Or maybe it is hard wired from my childhood?

I hope these examples and language descriptions help you identify your language of love so you can get in tune with using it, and learn your partner’s language too!  May your heart be filled with love always!

NOTE: The Heart Flower painting was a custom commission for Carolyne Taylor who runs an inspirational award program called yoUnlimited in Victoria BC. The painting is the logo for the awards program. )

With love,

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