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The Art of Eating Raw

Raw Food, Workshop, PV

24 Nov The Art of Eating Raw

For my 50th birthday this year, I decided to get more focused on my health by going to the Optimal Health Institute in Lemon Grove, California, just outside of San Diego.  At the Institute I learned about so many healthy ways to improve my body’s energy. For instance, I learned that doing a weekly juice fast allows my internal organs time to rest and heal.  I learned that eating more raw food could improve every function in my body and give me more energy than I have ever experienced.  In the program there is no eating junk food, no eating comfort food…just clean vegetables, fruits and nuts and seeds…and drinking wheat grass.

One of the highlights of my first week at the OHI was meeting Joan Jackson, an attorney who was a “graduate” of the three-week program.  Joan lost 120+ pounds and reversed poor health by maintaining a 70-90% raw-food lifestyle. When she realized that the raw-food world was polarized into either doctors or chefs she switched from law to raw in order to help others close the gap between intention and implementation.  Joan is the ‘pragmatic mind and the compassionate heart behind the systems of organization, creativity and empowerment’ – her website is the Raw Kitchen Magician – “Making Raw Food Real Easy for Real People”.

At the end of seven-day retreat at OHI, my friend Claire and I attended a one-day class at Joan’s home. We were so inspired by her zest for sharing the raw food lifestyle I said to Joan, “You need to come to Puerto Vallarta and share this with my friends and help me make my kitchen organized to be more raw!” …Claire loved that idea and said she’d be into learning more as well – and let’s do it together!   So we decided to have Joan come to Puerto Vallarta the third week of November.  Very quickly I put a promotional poster together and Claire and I emailed out the invites. The response was incredible and we held three classes of 10 people for each class, plus a bonus class of training the maid/cooks to prepare raw food!  It was a huge success and we had such a great time together.



A few days later I received a heartfelt thank you letter from one of my friends who attended:

Hi girlfriend, When I signed up for your ‘Class’, I did so just to support you, but ended up not only enjoying myself but finding it very interesting to say nothing of meeting a lot of your friends and seeing others that I haven’t seen for ages.  It was a rewarding 2 days and lots of fun.  Joan herself is a delight.  Thanks so much for all your preparations and organizing.  You never cease to amaze me.  Love you!  Hugs, Lynda O.


The three workshops were full of positivity and I’m very grateful to Joan for all her energy she put into the classes.



Lastly, I wholeheartedly recommend attending the Optimum Health Institute at some point in your life. It’s truly life changing. Here is some interesting information about the Optimum Health Institute – OHI.

Many centuries ago, Hippocrates, known as the “father of medicine”, taught that wholesome, natural food could help restore physical health. Because foods begin to lose essential nutrients and enzymes when heated above 105 degrees F, our staff creates healthy meals using food in its purest form – fresh, certified-organic, and raw. OHI meals do not contain nuts or oils to support the detoxification process.

Some of our chef’s favorite dishes include:

  • Zucchini spaghetti and mock meatballs
  • Spinach soup, cauliflower salad, spring mix and sprouts
  • Vegan pizza with spring mix and sprouts
  • Corn tortillas with seed cheese and tomatoes


To help you maintain a healthy diet after you leave one of our healing centers, our program includes hands-on classes that teach you how to:

  • Combine foods to optimize digestion
  • Soak and sprout nuts, seeds, and grains
  • Ferment foods to improve digestion
  • Dehydrate foods to create crackers, pizza crusts, and snacks


Detoxification is the process of cleansing the body to promote healing and longevity. To help your body cleanse and restore itself, OHI provides:

  • Wheatgrass juice to cleanse cells and purify blood
  • Enemas and wheatgrass implants to cleanse the colon
  • Gentle exercise to cleanse the lymphatic system


OHI contracts with qualified professionals to make optional services available to you. These services supplement the core OHI holistic healing program:


I would love to hear about your experiences with eating raw. Please email me at




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