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Be inspired, get motivated and live a beautiful life!

Do you need a little inspiration and motivation to transform your life? Get moving in the right direction with inspirational speaker Cheryl Wheeler.  Explore your potential for success by engaging Cheryl Wheeler for a speaking event. Cheryl’s high energy and amazing experiences will leave you inspired and ready to take action to create your dream life.

Notes of Gratitude

“Cheryl, you have a presence…you love life, you ask for what you would like, you inspire and you love deeply. I admire you and I see how your speaking inspires people!”

Create Your Beautiful Life Speech

Here are some of the highlights of Cheryl’s Create Your Beautiful Life:


    • When you relax into the feeling that you are beautiful it makes you feel better about your life. One of the ways you can do that is to embrace how perfectly imperfect you are and that your true beauty comes from your open and loving heart. You are good enough just as you are. You do not need to climb another mountain, put on another perfect dinner party, build another business, lose that last ten pounds or twenty, reply to all your emails, none of it is necessary to be good enough right now. Close your eyes and breath into the feeling of how lovely you are in this moment.


    • What is beautiful in your life? Write out your gratitude list and this will immediately shift your awareness into seeing beauty around you. Being in the moment, doing the exercise of noticing all the beauty in each day, connections with others, sharing, enjoying a candle during the day, go for a twenty minute walk and look for beauty around you.


    • Determine and live by your values, what are your driving needs?…. Who is your mentor… create your annual vision boards, try new things, being brave… take risks, stop waiting and start living. When I am feeling stuck with myself I do mirror work, which is one of the biggest ways to improve your self esteem. When you look into a mirror look deeply in your eyes and say I love you, I adore you, you are fabulous! Life Loves YOU!

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About Cheryl

Cheryl Wheeler is a highly sought after speaker, visual artist, seasoned entrepreneur, philanthropist, wife, mother, private pilot and agent of change.


As a successful venture capitalist, along with her all-women investment team, they financed a silver mining company which discovered millions of ounces of silver and created a billion dollar company.


Cheryl left the world of finance to pursue her true calling in the arts and enrolled in art school. Through her custom artwork she works closely with her clients and draws deeply from their life and spirit.


The paintings are a symbol of their truth and a reflection of the beautiful person within.


She also achieved her dream of owning and flying her own aircraft along with her husband, and flies from Whistler to Puerto Vallarta every year. This is a 12 hour adventure with many fun stops along the way!


Cheryl was awarded Volunteer of the Year in the City of Vancouver for her leadership role in opening the West Vancouver Avalon Recovery Center. She continues to build a life of giving back which she is truly passionate about and abundantly grateful for.


Most of all, she is a persistent student, learning about herself and her role in this world as she paints her ultimate life-design.

If you’re ready to soar, Cheryl will give you the courage to spread your wings and create the flight plan to reach your destination.

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