Cheryl Wheeler Art | Praise
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I’m greatly humbled and grateful for these wonderful testimonials of my work.

Cheryl Wheeler art Whistler blue flower painting
Cheryl and her paintings bring such joy to my life. They are filled with warmth and love. - SUSAN RIEDEL CHAD
Yellow connection painting by Cheryl Wheeler Art Whistler
The moment I saw Cheryl Wheeler's stunning sunflowers painting, it pulled at my heart and soul strings. It was alive! I knew it had to grace my life and Puerto Vallarta condo. Its elegant essence gifts me with brilliant sunshine, and I pause to savour it everyday. As a positive psychology life coach, this masterpiece is the perfect painting for me. Every person who visits the condo asks about the painting. Cheryl gifts customized happiness! - JUDY KRINGS
Cheryl Wheeler artist kitchen art tulip Whistler
I commissioned Cheryl to create a brightly painted tulip to bring some life to my kitchen. I feel absolute joy every time I look at it. I know she put her heart and soul into the painting and her love comes through loud and clear - RITA THOMAS
Cheryl Wheeler artist Whistler sunflower painting sold Los Mangos Library
Painting was donated to the Los Mangos library and Nellie purchased it. TESTIMONIAL COMING - NELLIE
Cheryl Wheeler artist green pears painting
Why a painting of lovely pears resonates with me... simple, subtle, warm.... That's ME! Lol! - AMBER SANCHEZ LEON
Cheryl Wheeler artist sunflower painting
I buy a painting of yours because it captures a strong feeling at the time, and remarkably the feeling stays with me when I look at them hanging on the wall. There is not one painting I would part with for any amount of money. - MAXINE PETERSON
Cheryl Wheeler artist red tulip painting
Brightens up my world! I love it! You have done a great job! - CLAUDETTE SHARPE
Cheryl Wheeler artist painting
We own two of Cheryl's original pieces. There is an energy and warmth in her work that stands out through her use of colour and texture. A feeling of motion in the composition of each work. We proudly display her pieces in our home in Puerto Vallarta. - BRIAN & CHERIE BURNIESTER
Cheryl Wheeler art pink tulips painting Whistler
Cheerful, happy, very positive presence... which is what I dreamed of before you created it, and what I enjoy every day when I get up and see the painting. When I look at your work, I pause. I feel extremely restful and reflective. - ANTHONY & VICTORIA OSTLER
Cheryl Wheeler art Rose painting Whistler
Our rose painting is awesome! It makes me feel good. I feel like I am in a garden. - JESSICA DEL ROSARIO & DARRYL FRIGSTAD
Cheryl Wheeler artist white flower painting Whistler
It's a piece that commands attention, yet is delicate at the same time. Perfect for my bedroom. It brings me happiness and comfort every time I walk in the room. - LESLEY PARROTT
Buy art Cheryl Wheeler art Morning Burst canvas large
Great characteristics I LOVE about Cheryl: That she is...
Dynamic, has the courage to face her fears, in constant motion, talented, driven, generous, stylish, creative, concerned, sexy, fun, dedicated mother, forever evolving, spunky, resourceful, chef quality, wise, curious, artistic, plant lover, magnetic, a leader, a good communicator, a researcher, fast driver, team player, idealistic, bold, articulate, a force, a pilot, mannerly, distinctive, goal oriented, aware, athletic, whimsical, Burning Man patron, elegant, casual, great decorator, well read, a connector, a consumer, philanthropic, appreciative, great hostess, and my friend. - PENNY WRIGHT
CherylWheelerArt_Thomson Sailing Commission
The painting is just wonderful. You have managed to capture the ambient light on the colours and texture of the painting to make a fabulous presentation to the eye. It is absolutely alive. We shall enjoy it immensely! Thank you. BOB THOMSON