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Creating the Peace Path at the International Peace Garden at VBG Vallarta Botanical Garden November 2017
International Peace Garden Path Walk Cheryl Wheeler Mexico Vallarta Botanical Garden Gardens
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Path of Life: Updates to the Peace Garden


12 Dec Path of Life: Updates to the Peace Garden

From early on this year, as I walked on the loose gravel path in the Cheryl L. Wheeler International Peace Garden  at the Vallarta Botanical Garden, thinking to myself  “Oh no, this will not do!”.   Imagining a beautiful bride teetering along this messy, uneven pathway up to the church, for the most important day of her life, while her shoes are getting destroyed in the process!  Seriously, this is what my head thinks about. I had to work this out so I could sleep at night – because it was really bothering me!

My first step was searching for better pathway designs. I created a Pinterest Board to collect images that inspired me and what I thought would enhance the Peace Garden. There are some utterly beautiful designs online for sure, but after a short while of pinning, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a pattern that reminded me of something I continuously drew in elementary school. It was the eternity symbol. I didn’t know it was the eternity symbol when I was a kid in elementary school, but I just loved how it felt to draw.

Cheryl-Wheeler-Art-IPG-Eternitypath creating 01

The next step was getting quotes on how much my inspiration might cost! The Botanical Garden Curator, Bob Price, and his team, are well connected to the artisan stone workers.  As the quotes came, in I needed to share my idea with my partner and the love of my life John.  John had been hearing about my dislike of the shoe-destroying pebble path for a while, but I don’t think he expected that I would be figuring out such a fantastic plan to fix it.  It was sort of my “blah-blah stone path talk” that he perhaps overlooked, until I brought him an actual quote to build out this Eternity Path.


Once I explained my connection to the design, the artistry of my childhood, and how right it felt to add such a pathway to the Peace Garden that bares our name, John understood how important it was to me.  Thank God. Did I mention how fabulous my husband is in supporting my ideas?  He says there’s never a dull moment being married to me.

Cheryl-Wheeler-Art_IPG-path creation

Since the dedication and opening of the International Peace Garden in February of this year, the garden has truly become a place that is more than its beauty and peacefulness. It’s evolving into a place that also inspires you to have more faith in our eternity. For me, it’s all about each step on the path of life.  My hope is that if you’re visiting Puerto Vallarta, that you will visit the Vallarta Botanical Garden and make your way to our beautiful Peace Garden, and there may you reflect on your life and see the peace you can bring to your world.


Making ideas come to life....the new path is ready for any bride to safely walk up to the church!

Making ideas come to life….the new path is ready for any bride to safely walk up to the church!

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