Cheryl Wheeler Art | Meaningful Contribution to VBG with Cheryl Wheeler Paintings
Make a meaningful contribution to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens with a custom floral painting
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Paintings with a Purpose for VBG

Cheryl Wheeler Art at VBG

16 Feb Paintings with a Purpose for VBG

Do you have a special flower that you feel connected to when you visit the Vallarta Botanical Garden?

How would you like to experience your magical moment in your home everyday? What if you could have a painting of your favourite flower and make a meaningful contribution to the VBG at the same time?

I am a passionate believer in the vision for the Garden and have felt a spiritual connection to this special sanctuary created for all of us in Puerto Vallarta.

**In an effort to give back to the Botanical Garden community, I am offering 50% of the sale proceeds for up to 15 custom, floral paintings. 

If you would like to enjoy your special piece of the Vallarta Botanical Garden in your home everyday, please reach out soon.  By email at or by telephone, 1.602.820.1142.

With love,



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