Cheryl Wheeler Art | Family makes my life have more purpose
Making my family a priority has changed how I feel about my life, it has given me a sense of purpose.
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Making my family a priority gives my life purpose.

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05 Jul Making my family a priority gives my life purpose.

Family Matters


My son and husband give my life purpose and meaning.  Family time is super important to me.  I had a close friend who taught me by her actions to make family a priority.  In the past I would make everyone a priority and you can imagine how well that would work, not.  So when I watched my friend say, “oh we cannot connect this weekend because we have family time scheduled” it made me take notice.  My husband was also helpful in getting our family more connected.  He would say no TV or Phone calls during meal times.  We need to talk to each other.  Often I will ask them what they are grateful for in their day and we do a round table of gratitude.  It makes for a fun dinner full of love.

Keeping close as a family takes some thought and effort...

What are your family traditions or rituals that help make your family closer?

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