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How to stay in your business and let your family mind their own business.
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Make a Mental Move to Happiness

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14 Aug Make a Mental Move to Happiness

Ever think that if you moved someplace different you’d be happier?

Try staying put physically and making a mental move instead. Eric Weiner, the author of “Geography of Bliss”, traveled around the world to determine the happiest places to live and made a few interesting discoveries.

Beaches are optional. Money is important, but not as much as you think, or how you think.

Some things, like family and friends, are not optional. No matter where you live you are happier around your tribe.

He also found that envy and excessive thinking impede our happiness, while trust and gratitude are critical pillars. Family has always been a huge factor in my happiness. In fact, my husband says that I positively glow when spending time amongst my tribe. Thus, I am known to host large family functions (sometimes even at a beach location). Some may conclude that I am generous, while others may say that I am using my family to ensure a happy state of being for myself.

As a mother, I have long recognized that I am only as happy as my most unhappy child. Consequently, I’ve made it my life’s work to do whatever it takes to make my children happy but lately I’ve concluded that causes both me and them unnecessary pain. They want independence to find their own way and my efforts to play God causes me stress.

Byron Katie, a spiritual guru, says that making our children responsible for our happiness means we are holding them hostage. They need the freedom to experience their own emotions without feeling that they are carrying their mother as well.

She advocates that we create our own happiness by being present with ourselves and by staying out of our children’s business. Ultimately, we’ll be happier and a better example for them in their lives, Katie says.

When thinking about it I realize that Weiner and Katie have delivered me the same message in slightly different ways.

The bottom line is that in trying to make my children happy so I can be as well, makes us all unhappy. So I have made a mental move and am grateful to have found this new perspective. I trust they’ll be grateful to have their freedom and we’ll all be further ahead!

Can you see the value in making a mental move to a happier location? Please comment below.


This guest post was gratefully done by

Betty-Ann Heggie

member of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women Hall of Fame and the mother of two daughters, Betty-Ann Heggie is all too familiar with the daily issues women encounter as they strive to live in two worlds, stepping from the demands of the home to those of the workplace. As a result, Betty-Ann now devotes her time as a speaker, author and mentor to helping women access the opposite energies present in each of them so they will not only survive, but thrive, thus unlocking the secret of their full potential.
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