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Giving Back

I feel abundantly grateful and passionate about the blessed life I have, and will continue to give back to those who need a hand up. One of my proudest achievements is receiving the Volunteer of the Year award in the City of Vancouver, for my leadership in opening the West Vancouver Avalon Recovery Centre.


Today I donate funds from every painting to charities that I care about. I often donate artwork to charity auctions. If you have a project that needs support email me and I will see if I can help out. Being of service is my purpose for being.

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Avalon Recovery Society logo Cheryl Wheeler

This morning I got on the scale to see how much damage I have been doing to myself, before I saw the number I thought okay if it is in this range I will not be too upset but if it is over this number I am going to have a shitty day. The number made me stop and reflect on how I have been eating with abandon. I use food when I am stressed or happy or bored or put in any feeling you want and I seem to be either eating too much or on a diet to try and stay within a ten to fifteen pound range. The up and down of my weight makes me crazy. I think about it far too much. It needs to stop.


A close friend of mine shared this Kickstarter campaign with me and I was inspired by this women’s honesty and openness. It moved me to get involved. They say that the teacher needs to teach what she most needs to learn. I need to learn to accept and love myself completely. Some days are better than others but I know I cannot do this alone because it has been an engrained behaviour for most of my adult life. Do you suffer from any body image issues? I would love to hear your story and together we can become stronger, please email me at