Cheryl Wheeler Art | Everything I desire is within me…..
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Everything I desire is within me…..

Acrylic painting by Cheryl Wheeler

10 Nov Everything I desire is within me…..

Focusing on The thought that everything inside me I can create, if I can dream it, I can create it… Over the years I have had different desires and I’ve been willing to do the work to achieve those desires.

Along the way, I would’ve felt fears that tried to hold me back. Sometimes I found myself comparing my success to other people what they had. This type of comparison always left me feeling less than. What stops me from doing and achieving my dreams often are the four C’s compare, compete, criticize and complain.

Focusing on my desires that are within me, coming up with a plan one step at a time to achieve those desires and having the faith that I can achieve those desires, is the only way to live a fullfilling life. By letting go and surrendering my fears and knowing that it’s just my ego trying to Take away my dreams, it allows me to focus on what God wants me to create.

Often, before I pick up a paintbrush I’ll take a moment and I’ll pray to God asking to use the paintbrush as an instrument for my goddess to create through me. These paintings are always the ones that I love the most!

Today I hope you take some time to look within yourself and ask yourself what are your desires, the things you’re going to create in your life that are really important for you. I hope you come up with plan to achieve them one step at a time and don’t let your fears take them away!

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