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With a mastermind group you can support each other to create your dreams by focusing on a vision board you create.
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Creating a vision board-inspires your beautiful life.

Cheryl Wheeler Art Vision Board

10 Jul Creating a vision board-inspires your beautiful life.

Every year a vision board is created in my family, so we can get clear on the experiences we would like to create in our lives.  I always say if you want something to happen put it on the board.  In lightening speed, people, places and circumstances come together to make that dream come true.  For ten years I was a member of an amazing group of master minders and we would meet for a weekend to put our annual boards together and to talk about what we were going to do that year.  From writing cookbooks, to building billion dollar companies, to building out a restaurant chain across the country, to having a baby girl, to taking a year and living in Mexico, to becoming a VP of Marketing, to building a leadership MBA program at a university, to coaching university students be the best they could be, to becoming an artist.  There have been so many desires created from these vision boards.  I am a firm supporter of them and I have often had vision board parties at my home for friends who are not part of the mastermind group but they really wanted to join in the process.  So we would get our magazines out and start talking about what is important to them.

Here is one of my vision boards, know it works really well.

Have you created a board before and found it helped you stay focused on your dreams and goals?
Love to hear about your experiences below in the comment box.

Vision Board to create a life of your dreams

Vision Board to create a life of your dreams

  • Susan Stewart Griffin
    Posted at 18:46h, 17 July Reply

    Thanks Cheryl. It’s something I have always wanted to do and this serves as an inspiration to get into action! I appreciate all the gifts you are creating for others.

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