Cheryl Wheeler Art | Cover Story: A Christmas Gift
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Cover Story: A Christmas Gift


01 Jan Cover Story: A Christmas Gift

It is always a wonderful feeling to finish a painting in time for a client’s special occasion, or for a specific season. As artists, we create from a deep impulse. Being able to share the essence of beauty creatively is a huge gift and one I am grateful for every day.

Before the Christmas, while at our winter home in Mexico, I completed three large acrylic poinsettia paintings. We titled one canvas Navidad Regalo – the Christmas Gift.  In Spanish, these leather-like red blooms are known as “Flor de Noche Beuna” or Christmas Eve Flower – which is fitting as my Poinsettia painting was chosen for the cover of the 2016 Christmas Eve Pique Newsmagazine.









As an interesting side note, a few years ago an employee at the Pique started a Pinterest board of the many artistic Pique covers. You can find that HERE.

The Poinsettia, interestingly, was brought to North America by the first Ambassador from the USA to Mexico in 1828. His name was Joel Roberts Poinsett – giving the Euphorbia pulcherrima its common name, Poinsettia!  I also found the Poinsettia referred to as “Flor de la Choche Santa” or Flower of the Holy Night.

CherylWheelerArt_Poinsettias PVCherylWheelerArt_NavidadRegalo_Marion

Even in the thick of winter, flowers still make their stunning debuts in our lives.  White roses are just as beautiful at a Christmas table or New Year’s Eve buffet as they are at a June wedding, don’t you think?

I loved painting this piece, along with companion canvas. “Navidad Regalo” was sold to Marion Laursen and is now loved in her home office in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

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