Cheryl Wheeler Art | Being Gratitude Together
Together we need to say what we are grateful for and our life expands. What are you grateful for?
Gratitude, power of focus, prayer, blessings
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Being in gratitude together

Cheryl Wheeler art Summer breeze 3 canvas

31 Jul Being in gratitude together

The purpose of my work Cheryl Wheeler Art Whistler button


I wake up every morning and affirm my life for all the things I am grateful for, like how comfy my bed is and how I tell myself how beautiful I am in the mirror before I put makeup on!

I am grateful for the person who invented my warm shower.  I am grateful for the beautiful clothes in my closet and how easy it is to get dressed.

I love my vita mix that makes my healthy smoothies in the morning.

My beautiful car to take me whatever I need to go is so much fun to drive.

My purpose in life is to be grateful and share that with you and together we can have a better life.

If you we are both in gratitude we cannot be in a negative place!

So grateful for this fabulous car


So bring on your list of things you are grateful for and lets expand our happiness!

Please post below in the comment box…

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