Cheryl Wheeler Art | How Gratitude can shift your prespective and give you a miracle in your life
Cheryl Wheeler Art A Year Of Gratitude, 4 steps to a more joyful life using a gratitude journal kit.
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A Year Of Gratitude, 4 steps to a more joyful life.

Cheryl Wheeler art gratitude journal giving

06 Mar A Year Of Gratitude, 4 steps to a more joyful life.

I walked into a beautiful stationery store in West Vancouver the other day and found this Gratitude Kit.  It was exactly the gift I needed for a friend who was given a scary diagnosis of being terminal with two types of cancer and I thought it would be a nice gift to give myself.  A Year of Gratitude Journaling.  Keeping track of every person I send out a thank you card to and see what comes from that expression of thanks.  For my friend I thought she could increase positive energy in her life by writing a gratitude letter every day for 52 days, she loved that idea too!

Steps from the Gratitude Journal Kit:

Step 1

Start Noticing and Listing the things you are grateful for.

Life starts with the appreciation of it.  Joy is what happens when we stop to recognize how good things really are – when we start focusing on all the things we have, rather than all the things we don’t.  The regular practice of noticing and recording the good things in your day invites even more joy and gratitude into your life and the lives of those around you, and changes everything.  You can add to your list daily or weekly, whichever works best– and you can start right now.  Just write down one thing you are grateful for, no matter how big or small it is.  What matters is that it’s genuine gratitude, and that it’s yours.

For me today, I am grateful I spent the last 10 days in Vancouver helping my friend get some of her affairs in order.  I am grateful for her unconditioanal love and positive outlook on life.  In the face of challenge she is so graceful and courageous.

Step 2

Include things you normally take for granted.

We often take for granted the very things that deserve our gratitude and make life worth living.  Good health, a warm bed, a loving partner, a steaming cup of coffee, a glorious sunset, a hug from a child, a bird singing at the window, an email from a friend, a neighbour waving.

I read once that you may have someone who you are grateful to for life.   Like your Doctor who implanted a new heart or fixed something within you and without his help you would have died or not been to enjoy the same quality of life.  Put the Doctor on your list every year and send them a card sharing your gratitude.

Step 3

Keep track of the Thank-You notes you send each week.

Sit down every week during your gratitude year with a generous heart and write out a thank you note to celebrate and appreciate someone you care about.

A childhood friend, a high school classmate, an inspiring teacher, a loving parent, a caring mentor, a loyal employee or co worker, a good hearted neighbour, or your smiling, hard working barista.

Let them know that you are grateful for them and why.  Make an entry in your journal when you send each card out – and also when you get a reply.  At the end of the year, you will be able to look back and remember 52 people whose lives you touched with a handwritten note and the spirit of sincere appreciation.

Step 4

Write down the ways that your life changes.

As the weeks pass and you fill your journal with gifts and blessings, make entries describing the way your life changes for the better.  You will feel newfound feelings of abundance, contentment, fulfillment, happiness, energy, optimism and health.

 What makes a good Thank you Note


In our high tech world, a handwritten thank you note just feels special.  It’s like you took the time to tuck a little bit of yourself into the envelope.

Spoken form the Heart

Your message need not be immortal, just sincere and genuine.  Be yourself, and your message is sure to be appreciated, savored, and remembered.


Why are you thankful to have this person in your life?  Describe the experience, gift, memory, spirit, or feeling that you are grateful for and why.


Some of the most memorable thank-you notes are also the shortest.  By sticking to three or four heartfelt sentences, you keep the focus on what’s most important.

People I’m Grateful For

Name:                                                                      Date:

1. Diane K.                                                                March 3,2015

2. Shirley S.                                                              March 4,2015

3. Kathleen C.                                                          March 4,2015


52. Rufi

In general people are happier, healthier, less stressed, less depressed, and more satisfied with their lives and their relationships.  Grateful people sleep better, worry less, and laugh more.

Love to hear your results from trying this Gratitude Thank you letter campaign…please email me at

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