Cheryl Wheeler Art | 3 Ways to Find Joy and Fulfillment Even When You Feel Like Crap
By acknowledging your feelings and affirming how you want to feel you life with be more creative and feel better
accept your body, accept yourself
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3 Ways to Find Joy & Fulfillment Even When You Feel Like Crap

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22 Aug 3 Ways to Find Joy & Fulfillment Even When You Feel Like Crap

3 Ways to Find Joy and Fulfillment Even When You Feel Like Crap


We all want to experience joy and fulfillment in life, but many times it can be easier said then be done. In the moments where we simply just feel like crap, where we may feel stressed, depressed, overwhelmed and everything but fulfilled we can find ourselves feeling hopeless and powerless.


We can feel lost and uncertain as to how we need to change and what we can do in order to turn our lives around. Here are three things that we can do to find joy and fulfillment even when we feel like crap:


Stop and take a moment to ask, What do I need?” then DO it!

Joy and Fulfillment

One of the tendencies that many of us have is that we are completely disconnected from how we feel most of the time. Even though we may feel down, depressed, overwhelmed, or drained we just stuff all those feelings deep down in our being and ignore them. We ignore our sadness. We ignore our anger. We ignore our lack of excitement for life.


So one of the best things that we can do for ourselves is to stop and ask ourselves: How do I feel and, based on how I feel, what do I need? If we’re frustrated and stressed, then maybe we realize that we need to go out and exercise. If we’re sad, then maybe we just need to let out a good cry. If we’re overwhelmed, then maybe we need to take a deep breath or meditate for a few minutes.


Then once we realize what we need, then the key is to actually do it! This is where many of us fall short. We may have heard 100 times over that we should exercise and meditate every day in order to feel better, but instead we make excuses for ourselves. We tell ourselves that we don’t have time or we keep saying that we’ll do it later in the day but it keeps getting put off. So once you identify what it is that you need do it right away. If we do it in the moment when the thought is fresh in our minds, we are more likely to actually take action.


Proclaim that you love and accept yourself. One of my favorite things about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is that by doing it, we identify the negative and fear-based emotions that we are holding and we proclaim that we love and accept ourselves anyway.


Though many of us aren’t consciously aware of it, often when we are holding emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, and just overall stress we actually compound the emotion by beating ourselves up for even feeling that way to begin with! So, for example, we feel anxiety about doing a speech but then, to make matters worse, we tell ourselves that it’s bad to feel anxious about speaking. As a result, we feel even more tension and stress.


Crazy right? The good news is that we can quickly and easily release our extra internal tension by proclaiming that we love and accept ourselves. I’ve found that you don’t necessarily even have to do any formal EFT practice with the tapping points and everything (though it can definitely intensify the process!). The tension can be released just by simply expressing your own love and acceptance for yourself out loud.


For example, you can say something like: “Even though I am frustrated about work, I love and accept myself”or “Even though I am absolutely terrified about giving this speech, I love and accept myself.”


As you say these things out loud, you will notice a subtle “release”every time you say it. The more you do this and say these things out loud, the less tension you feel. The emotion may still be there, but you will feel less “trapped”by them.


Accept you body as it is and treat it well. One of the things that we can easily forget about when we don’t feel so great is our own body. We may be simply following the daily routines that we always follow in terms of food and hygiene practices without really stopping to think about how it is effecting our overall well-being. To make matters worse, we may also be very frustrated with our bodies. We may not like the way that we look and feel in our bodies, so that makes things even worse.


So if you’re feeling kind of crappy, it may be time to ask yourself: What are you eating? Are you eating a bunch of processed foods and you often experience indigestion? Are you commonly sluggish at work to a point that you’re completely dependent on coffee, but you still just feel kind of “blah”? You may want to try eating more whole foods and less acidic foods like coffee or sugar.


You may also ask yourself: What kinds of chemicals are you exposing your body too that may be too harsh for you? Is your skin a bit too sensitive for the face wash you’ve been using? Does that air freshener feel a bit too overpowering? Are you getting headaches from that new perfume? You may want to consider tossing some of these things in the trash (or give it away) and try out some other more-natural products that better accommodate to your sensitivities.


Finally, in order to help motivate yourself to do these things and release any added tension that you may have in regards to your body, you may want to proclaim the love and acceptance you have for your body. So you may say to yourself: “Even though I’m overweight, I love and accept myself”or “Even though I have all these health problems, I love and accept myself”.


Find joy and fulfillment in your life today!

Choose at least one of the activities listed above to start doing regularly. In the comments below, share which activity you will start doing today.

Thanks to Jennifer for being a guest blogger for me…
Jennifer is a self and relationship coach and teacher.  She helps women create fulfilling relationships
andSelf-image lives by reconnecting with their true heart’s desires.
She has founded her business on the belief that true healing and peace can come through complete empathetic understanding in both our relationships with others and our relationships with ourselves.

Jennifer Twardowski is the founder  Here she helps women improve their relationships with both themselves and others, both personally and professionally, so that they can create lives filled with joy, love, and support.   Jennifer has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, YourTango, TinyBuddha, Elephant Journal, and Purpose Fairy.

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